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Reflecting on Lauren Elle's Vision 

Out of fear comes strength and out of the ashes we rise to make a difference in the world. 

Thursday, December 18th 2008 - Lauren, Dean, Dana & I were waiting for Lauren to have her final MRI. In our minds we knew what the results would be but our hearts could not except the reality that Lauren would soon be returning home to heaven. We never wanted to give up hope and acknowledge that science had failed Lauren and her treatment options had come to an end.
Lauren, however, had come to terms with her destiny.  Lauren knew her dreams of becoming a lawyer (and one day president of the United States) would never come true. The physical and emotional pain that she had to endure was taking its toll. The time had come for us to change what we were praying for.

Lauren was always asking questions and giving our family direction and this day was no different. Lauren asked us to play a game - "Name My Favorite". She made a list of items and we had to guess each others favorite foods, ice cream, movie, TV show, book, vacation place, etc. Lauren was preparing us to always remember ...........
Lauren was also determined to have her vision of taking care of the "Really Sick Children" become a reality. Lauren wanted to create a foundation that would grant second wishes for the children, like herself, that have to face the physical and emotional pain of battling cancer for a second time.
That day we did not know that 2 days Lauren would pass and never get to experience the joy that her ELLE Foundation has brought to the children that she so worried about.

It is impossible to understand how 10 years have gone by since that day, and as we reflect on this time we are amazed that with Lauren Elle as our inspiration ELLE has touched the lives of 52 wish children & their families.

Everyone on ELLE's Wish Team, including yourself, is the amazing group of individuals, organizations & businesses that have embraced ELLE's Mission. and every one of ELLE's Wish Kids & their families know not only how Lauren Elle battled cancer but we all know how she lived.

Generations of Dance, Landing, NJ

Con Edison, NY

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
ELLE Foundation – Nurse Advisor

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Laurie Richmond

President and Chairman




In Loving Memory of

Lauren “ELLE” Richmond

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One ELLE of a Foundation

The ELLE Foundation is the only wish granting organization whose primary mission is to grant wishes for children with a recurrence of cancer. Granting final second wishes requires an extraordinary financial commitment, but our Lauren's passion inspires us every day, and our dedication to giving these deserving children a chance to forget, to laugh and to find their 

inner spirit is unwavering.

We are proud to say that we are an all volunteer run 501(c)(3) foundation and 93% of every dollar raised goes directly to granting wishes. Thanks to our generous sponsors and donors we have granted over 51 wishes just in the past 10 years.


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Meet Victoria:​



One ELLE of a Legoland Family Trip

Meet Victoria, a 5 year old from Shelton, CT who is battling a recurrence of Rhabdomysarcoma at Yale - New Haven Hospital. Victoria wishes to go to Logoland in Florida with her 10 year old sister and her mom, dad and grandma.

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