Kyla - One ELLE of a San Diego Zoo Adventure
Kyla, an aspiring vet, wished to go to the San Diego Zoo. She and her family enjoyed VIP tours of both the Zoo and the Safari Park.

In addition to a treasure trove of photos, Kyla's family made this wonderful video to thank the ELLE Foundation for granting Kyla's wish.


Kallista - Moment of Joy at the Radio City

Christmas Spectacular
llista's wish was to go to New York City with her family to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. 

We received this lovely thank you from Kallista:

"Thank You so much for my day of joy! I had an amazing time and so did my family. Cancer is bad enough but people like you give me the strength to fight. This past year has been so rough and this day made it all worth it.
I feel closer and more connected as a family. This is the day I will never forget. Words can’t describe my gratitude to the ELLE Foundation. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

Dallis - One ELLE of a Disney Christmas Adventure

 Dallis' wish was to go to Disneyworld with his family to enjoy the Christmas festivities and parade.

Dallis, his brothers and his parents each sent ELLE a wonderful thank you letter complete with pictures.

Dallis' note: Thank you for granting my wish. I got to spend

with family and didn't have to think about chemo. It was fun going to Disney for Christmas and seeing the parade and meeting Pooh and friends and riding rides.

Thank you ELLE for making my wish come true."