We are so proud to share that in 2017 ELLE granted a record breaking 13 wishes and we are on track to Create Memories of Joy for even more children battling cancer in 2018. 

Of course this would never be possible without the dedication and continuous support of
ELLE's Ambassadors. 

In 2018 
ELLE will be refocusing its fundraising initiatives to meet the financial demand of the increasing number of wish applications we are receiving.
We will not be holding our September One ELLE of an Evening, instead we will be focusing on forming lasting relationships with individuals, businesses and foundations and getting more 
ELLE Ambassadors to spread awareness of ELLE's mission. We are hoping that ELLE's Ambassadors will help us by submitting ELLE for Charity Grants and Workplace Charity Programs.

2018 is a year that holds many emotional times for our family and for ELLE. June 6th will be Lauren's 25th birthday, December 18th will mark the 10th anniversary of Lauren creating the ELLE Foundation and of course December 20th will mark Lauren's 10th angelversary. Lauren's physical presence is always heartbreaking but as these milestones approach the pain just seems to become more poignant. But with Lauren's courage and strength as our continuing inspiration we will continue to keep her spirit and legacy alive in the the hearts and minds of all of our ELLE Ambassadors and most importantly in the memories created for ELLE's Kids.

As part of our ELLE's new funding initiatives we are introducing WISH TEAM SPONSORSHIP LEVELS