Madeline received a very special phone call on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to tell her that she would be watching his movie on Monday with her dad.

Watch Madeline and her Dad speak with J.J. Abrams.


So many people have told me how the stories of ELLE's Kids touch their hearts and inspire them. I am happy that I can now share the details of Madeline's promise wish with you.
Back on Friday, November 13, 2015 the ELLE Foundation received a phone call from a frantic friend of Madeline's family. He was beside himself - he had just heard that Madeline and her parents were given devastating news about her recurrence battle. He had called Make A Wish in Connecticut - but since Madeline had already had a wish with her first diagnosis they would not help him. So Make A Wish referred him to the ELLE Foundation.  
During her transplant isolation and hospitalization time Madeline and her dad watched all the Star Wars movies. Madeline made a promise to her dad that they would see the Force Awakens together when it was released on December 18th.
The fear at this point was that Madeline would not be able to keep her promise to her dad. After two weeks of emails, phone calls and the compassion of two very, very important gentleman associated with the film and their teams -
Madeline's Promise Wish to see the Force Awakens with her dad was going to be granted.

Madeline is now at a crossroads and I know that all of ELLE's Family has Madeline and her family in our thoughts, prayers and hearts.

Luke's, 16, love of music and playing his guitar lead to his wish for a Gibson Les Paul Guitar. The ELLE Foundation partnered with the Gibson Foundation to create an extraordinary experience for Luke.

Luke, along with his family, travelled to Nashville, TN for a VIP Tour of the Gibson Custom Shop where Luke had the opportunity to meet with the ultimate guitar experts. The luthiers helped Luke select his new guitar from a number of custom guitars and before making his final decision Luke jammed with country music artist - Leroy Parnell.

Watch Luke jam with Leroy Parnell, country music artist

        Watch Lila May receive her final  wish