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by Lauren “Elle” Richmond

 “Black & Brown Markers” is a powerful collection of poems written by Lauren before and during her illness. Every poem is a reflection of Lauren’s spirit, courage and fears and each poem means something different to the individual reader.

Lauren had a way of forming a connection of the heart with everyone she met – Lauren’s beauty came from her soul, from her spirit.  Every time you read Lauren’s poems you feel as if she is writing about the emotions you are carrying in your heart.

Lauren wrote, “I hope that by reading my poetry everyone can allow their emotions to rise to the surface and allow themselves to recognize these emotions as the one common bond between us all.

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Take my hand and promise not to let go

As long as I feel you there, I know everything will be okay

With your hand in mine I can defeat the toughest foe

With your hand in mine I will never again reach despair

Fingertip to fingertip your daring power now also flows through me

Thanks to you I now too believe I can become whatever I want to be

With you pushing me on I can accomplish whatever I want to 

Due to you I now see myself in a positive view

I see myself conquering mountains and calming winds

I see myself exploring the ocean as if I had fins

I'm beginning to slip so make your grip a little tighter

With your hand in mind I know I can be a fighter

With your hand in mine my future always looks a little brighter

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 Black & Brown Markers – be sure to read About the Title: Lauren always signed her books with What Color are Your Markers?


 As the Curtain Rises – Lauren wrote this poem for her 8th grade graduation. The date on the ticket 6-18-07 is the day Lauren read the poem at her graduation.

This poem was also read at the Bridgewater Raritan HS Class of 2011 graduation in memory of Lauren.

 I Need to Know & Only You -  written after Lauren’s recurrence first recurrence in 2006.

 Tell Me a Story – Lauren loved to hear stories about her family, her parent’s childhoods, how they met and stories about very thing you could possible think of.  Whenever she was in the car she always asked her parents – Tell Me A Story. This poem was written for Lauren’s mom – Laurie.

 Underneath the Surface – the fears you keep to yourself and the demons that race through your mind, especially at night.

 The Life In Your Shadow – Lauren wrote this poem after the death of a cousin. Lauren knew your body is only the shell that holds your spirit and that you are never gone.
Amending the View – Lauren starts by asking, What would happen if the world stopped spinning for everyone and ends with if the world stopped just for her – would it end for you?

 Although written before the event, Lauren read this poem at Smithtown High School – after students from the school were killed in a car crash.

Lauren used this poem to encourage the students to live for their friends and make a difference in the world.
Hand in Hand – this reflects Lauren love of her family and how together you give each other strength and the courage to conquer anything.

 Dream Maker – the unconditional love that you receive with that special someone. You can be the dream maker too.

 The Joy You Share – Lauren loved her family and this poem reflects that love.

black & brown markers 

 A collection of poems by Lauren